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Metabolism and nutrition play a much greater role in pediatric medicine and indeed the metabolic & nutritional factors are of major importance for the health and disease of children, who have high substrate requirements due to their growth but often immature homeostatic mechanisms and limited body stores. During this dynamic phase of childhood life, which characterizes by rapid growth, development, and developmental plasticity and an appropriate composition of substrates, are of key importance for growth and functional outcomes such as cognition and the immune response, and the metabolic programming of growth during early life is associated with long-term health and well-being and is an indicator of a child’s nutritional status. There is strong evidence that deviations from the average growth pattern, especially during early life, are associated with impaired mental development and increased risk of many noncommunicable diseases later in life.

DATE : Saturday–Sunday, 27–28 MAY 2023
TIME : 08.00 s/d 17.00 WIB